Roblox Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Roblox

Roblox may not be as famous a game for kids as Fortnite or Minecraft, but it recently announced that it has more than 100 million monthly active players. discovering all Roblox has to oofer from Roblox Music to new games and worlds , also in this guide we’ll show you how to get free points on oprewards

It has gone more unnoticed than the media than those rivals, leaving parents whose children now ask to play it (or play it without asking) in need of a primer.


If you are a Betsafe player, then there’s a big chance that you are always seeking ways to get Free Robux, and since you are reading this, you must have searched “How To Get Free Robux” or “Free Robux” on your browser’s search engine.

more places to get free robux online !

Our guide below will walk you through several working ways and methods to obtain Roblox in-game currency, Robux, So just lay back, this guide ends you’ll know all the possible ways to get Robux for free legitimately 100% tested and by our team of Roblox fanatics.

I – What is Roblox?

Obviously, since you’re here you already at least have an idea of what Roblox is, and how to play it. however, here is a small and simple definition for people out there who still didn’t get the grasp of it. 


Roblox is a very known game creation platform, where everyone can enjoy playing a wide range of diverse games, as well as creating their own games.

Roblox also hosts user-created games and honestly that’s what makes it very interesting and enjoyable and very addictive.

II – What is Robux?

Now that you have a general idea of Roblox is, time to get to know its magical in-game currency, Robux,

same as all major games Roblox has an in-game currency that players can use to do a variety of stuff such as:

  • Customize and upgrade your Avatar with skins and costumes (your in-game character)
  • Buying games and unlocking game passes
  • Purchasing in-game abilities and skills

Robux are essential to advancing your Roblox gameplay and getting more fun and it changes your Roblox experience,

Of course, the game is free but with Robux, comes great fun and adventures

III – How to get Free Robux In Roblox ?


There are a few methods of getting Robux, we will outline them for you below. all these methods are tested and proved to be working by our team.

1 – Buy Robux from the Roblox store

Obviously, this is not free but it stays the simple way of directly obtaining Robux,

Robux can be bought from the shop for a specific amount of money and it comes in packs.


2 – Roblox Premium


You can subscribe to Roblox premium, for a small fee each month you can a Roblox premium member, and as a premium member you have a specific amount of Robux each month.

plus, unlock Roblox economy features and 10% bonus on your all your future Roblox purchase

3 – Roblox builders club

Roblox Builders Club is open for everyone with the required skills, if you love creating new worlds and building new places

then Builders Club is the right place for you. as a bonus for you sing-up you get 100 (R$) Robux.


As a Roblox Builders club member, you can create games and charge other players to pay for access and unlocking abilities and powers in your game, Thus,

you can acquire a huge amount of unlimited free Robux just by using your developing skills.

4 – Roblox Premium Payouts

Starting February 14, 2020 Roblox rolled out a new update, called Premium Payouts! It’s simply a reward system put into place to reward Roblox’s most loyal and productive players. 


Depending on how much time you spend playing Roblox games, and how good is your gameplay, players get rewarded with Robux,

each month you can check more on Premium Payouts here.

To end this part of our guide, all the previous methods outlined above work 100%

the only drawback is that some of them require you to use your real-life money and others, use your imagination and building skills,

but the goal stays the same, getting that sweet Robux.

IV – More Free Ways of obtaining Free Robux ( Promo Codes, Robux Generator, and more …)

Not all us are ready to spend money on video games, that’s understandable, as a new player maybe you are not ready yet. 

No worries, we got a solution for that, below you will find completely 100% free methods and tips and tricks to acquire Robux.

1 – Refer a friend 

Players can easily earn a sh*t load of free Robux, simply by referring their friends to play the game. 


The process is quite simple, you share links of Roblox games on your social media or any other method, and all the links you share are tracked,

and for each friend that joins the Roblox platform, you get a big amount of Robux

2 – Free Robux Codes

Each month, Roblox releases new promo codes. Simply put, Roblox promo codes directly get you valuable in-game items, and they are quite easy to use. 

Just redeem the Free Robux Codes and enjoy your free items, exactly as displayed in the picture below.


3 – Robux gift card

This one is self-explanatory, simply get your hand on some Robux gift cards, scratch, redeem, and enjoy your Robux.


Robux gift cards are available on the digital form also on 2 packs.

25$ and 50$, for your next birthday why not ask you, family and friends, to gift you some Robux gift cards as a present. 

4 – Join private Roblox groups 

There quite a few private Roblox groups that do giveaways, and that sort of thing, where players who join challenge each other in games and win Robux,

of course, the groups are private for a reason,  to keep unwanted attention away.


We got your back, below you will find a Roblox group that we vouched for, all you have to do. is join and wait to be approved then enjoy getting Robux.

5 – Robux Generator 

If you Google search “Robux Generator” or “Free Robux Generator” you will definitely stumble upon a lot of websites claiming to offer Robux Generator programs,

but unfortunately most of them are outdated and no longer give you Robux. 


Siterubix is one of the only famous working Robux Generator, it simply works by giving players Robux in exchange of them passing small surveys and completing simple tasks, 

such as installing apps, watching videos, and more.

Simply, Link your Roblox account, no password will ever be asked or any type of personal information and follow the instructions that will be displayed in front of you.

Disclaimer: The only real working Robux Generator is

on the Link below any other websites promising you Robux, they just trying to scam you.

6 – Robux Giveaways

Surprisingly, a lot of Roblox player base are not aware of this,

but they’re always at least one Robux giveaway going on that you don’t know about.

Most of the Robux giveaways are available on big social media platforms like Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, Twitch Tv, and Siterubix.


Keep your eyes open, and you might land of a Robux giveaway that will shower you with free Robux

7 – Robux Hack (Free Robux Hack)

Roblox is a worldwide know gaming platform, with a lot of people behind it,

so for anyone to believe that there is a Robux Hack, they must be daydreaming.


Any software that offers you Robux Hack, is only aiming to steal your Roblox account information

or worse infect your laptop, phone, or whatever you are playing on with viruses, so stay vigilant and never trust a Robux Hack no matter how convincing it looks.

V – Final thoughts 

There are without a doubt a lot of methods of getting Robux for free, on this guide

we outlined the most trusted and tested methods vouched for by our team of fan-base Roblox players and devs.

We hope, you found our guide on how to get Robux helpful, stay tuned for more updates and new ways for Free Robux,

and remember to have fun and enjoy the game with your friends.